Aerial shots of Studio PBA’s AMLI Riverfront Park Apartment project

Check out aerial shots of Studio PBA’s AMLI Riverfront Park Apartment project, adjacent to both a skate and dog park. Studio PBA is appreciative of this opportunity to contribute to the lively design, growth and development of Downtown Denver.



For more information about our project please click the link below:

Living Room Designs to Love

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Recently, Southern Living published an article on 101 Living Room Decorating Ideas. They were so inspiring, I thought I’d share my top 5 and why they were my favorite.

Mix Up the Seating

Mix Up the SeatingWhat I love about this idea is that it gives the room texture and dimension. How many times have you been to a friends house and couldn’t find a comfortable spot to sit? I know I have! This allows your guests to find a seat that is going to fit their comfort needs. And, it allows room for additional guests! Mix it up with sofas, side chairs, benches, giant cushions and ottomans.

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The Trend: Bar cart in your living room


Great summer trend that is a great space saver!

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Hello everyone,

Today feels like Summer and that is why I wanted to show you the newest Interior Summer trend, namely the bar cart. As you can see in the picture above you do not need to find an exact bar cart you can also create the bar cart by using a simple cabin. The thing is to style it accordingly. Buy some bottles of drinks and accompany them with nice glasses. As you can see a plant or some lemons in a vase gives it the ‘fresh feeling’ you are looking for. Underneath you can find more examples. I would love to see how your bar cart looks like. Send it to or tweet it @eyeonsite


Bar cart


Andi Hatch Photography 2012


Bar cart


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What LEED Interior Designers Want You To Know


Great article! Thanks for the share

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With a long list of summer projects, like tearing down wallpaper and painting, I started thinking how to green the process. Are there sustainable designers to turn to for advice?

Then I came across this article on Houzz, “5 Things LEED Interior Designers Want You To Know.”

In the article, Houzz contributor Laura Gaskill points out that LEED interior designers are professionals on a mission. Gaskill explains, “The goal is to create spaces that are both more sustainable for the planet and healthier for the people living in them.”

This is what I like to hear. Sustainability doesn’t have to be confusing. Making green choices can be simple.

Here are four of the driving forces behind LEED interior designers according to Gaskill:

1. Green design doesn’t sacrifice style
2. Don’t be fooled by green labels
3. A healthy home makes for a happy home
4. Embrace the hand-me-downs

Whether or…

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