What LEED Interior Designers Want You To Know


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With a long list of summer projects, like tearing down wallpaper and painting, I started thinking how to green the process. Are there sustainable designers to turn to for advice?

Then I came across this article on Houzz, “5 Things LEED Interior Designers Want You To Know.”

In the article, Houzz contributor Laura Gaskill points out that LEED interior designers are professionals on a mission. Gaskill explains, “The goal is to create spaces that are both more sustainable for the planet and healthier for the people living in them.”

This is what I like to hear. Sustainability doesn’t have to be confusing. Making green choices can be simple.

Here are four of the driving forces behind LEED interior designers according to Gaskill:

1. Green design doesn’t sacrifice style
2. Don’t be fooled by green labels
3. A healthy home makes for a happy home
4. Embrace the hand-me-downs

Whether or…

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Great job Team Studio PBA!!

Special congratulations to Team Studio PBA: Bill, John, Kathy, Josh, and Craig for their amazing efforts in the Colfax Marathon yesterday in Denver!

Final results: Studio PBA placed 102 out of 937

and we placed 22 out of 215 in our class!

Well done! We are very proud of our representatives in this race and hopefully next year we will have some new runners join the fun :-)

Until next time.. (or the next race)

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Feeling Spring


Spring is here indeed!

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feeling spring decor

Spring is in the air…finally I can feel it and in a couple days the equinox will be upon us proving it. Time to put away the winter decor and opt for some colorful spring decor options. Just a touch of color here and there in your apartment or home will send the winter blues away!

spring decor

Head to the nearest home decor store and brighten your apartment living room with some great spring color! Adding throw pillows and some silk flower touches will make a dull space spring lively.

spring decor ideas spring decor ideas

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2014 National Multifamily Rent Outlook


Pretty promising information in this article! #StudioPBA #Denver

Originally posted on Florida Gulf Coast Investment Real Estate:

2014 National Multifamily Rent Outlook

Rent Growth. Rents are anticipated to grow 3.5% in 2014. Rents are predicted to grow at a slightly slower rate in the coming year, and the rate of growth will remain positive, but decelerate through 2017. Seattle, the bay area, and Houston are maintaining rent growth above 4% year over year, along with strong job growth. Steady job growth is driving strong housing demand.

Markets most exposed to energy and tech sectors will experience the strongest job growth over the next few years. Energy and tech-driven markets lead all major metro areas in effective rent growth: 1. San Francisco 2. Seattle 3. Denver 4. Houston 5. Austin (The Rosen Report, Rosen Consulting Group) Rising Rentership.

The 25-34 year old age group is expected to experience a decline in home ownership rate over the next few years due to the recession as well as student debts…

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Spring Cleaning!


Great tips for spring cleaning your abode! #StudioPBA

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It’s officially spring, and we couldn’t be happier! While it’s only been hitting the 40’s, we’re breaking out our T-shirts and shorts and soaking up the sun! Now that the weather is warming up, it’s about time for a thorough cleaning to sweep away those winter blues. Not only does a good spring cleaning make your home look good, it feels good to get rid of the dust bunnies and air out that lingering winter musk. We’ve put together a few general spring cleaning tips and included a checklist to help you brighten up your home!

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